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Menu Plan

Our Nursery School Meal Plan works on a three-week basis. We use a healthy eating plan called "Setting the Table", launched by NHS Health Care Scotland. This is a seasonally revised nutritional guidance and food standard designed for early years' childcare providers.

Main Course




Pork Meatballs In Gravy

Pork Meatballs (Not Halal) in Gravy with Onion, Garlic,  Carrot served with boiled rice

Allergens:  Wheat 

Fromage Frais Yogurts

Allergens: Milk (V)


Homemade  Lentil Soup

& Freshly Baked Crusty Bread (V)
Allergens:  Wheat, May Contain Sesame (V)

Fresh Seasonal Fruits



Crispy Chicken ,Smiley Faces & Beans

Crispy Chicken (Halal) Mini Bites

,Smiley  Potato Faces + Baked Beans in a Tomato Sauce

Allergens: Wheat

Fromage Frais Yogurts

Allergens: Milk (V)


Indian Styled Fish Curry (Mild)

Authentic Onion, Tomato & Lentil based Curry with Diced White Fish Fillet

Allergens: Fish, 

Fresh Seasonal Fruits



Beef Lasagne with Garlic Bread

Beef mince , Garlic, Onion, Chopped Tomatoes and Pasta with a side of Garlic Bread

Allergens: Contains Milk, Wheat, Soya

Fromage Frais Yogurts

Allergens: Milk (V)

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