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Fromage Frais Yoghurts


Fresh Homemade Soup & Sandwiches

Served with a selection of Ham & cheddar/mozzarella cheese sandwiches on Wholemeal bread.


Temperature Control & Recording Procedures 

It is our policy to temperature test throughout the cooking process and before ‘plating up’ into individual Gastronorm Pans. This is recorded at our end and kept on record for inspection.

SAFETY NOTICE:  Some meals are oven cooked in their Gastronorm Pans, and reach extremely high temperatures, so extra care must be taken whilst UNWRAPPING/HANDLING!

  • Our food is cooked to a minimum of 75°

  • Temperature is maintained above the recommended 63°

Recording of Data

We pride ourselves on maintaining accurate temperature records of the food that we use to prepare our meals, from delivery from our own suppliers to leaving our premises en-route to our hungry consumers.

  • The following should be noted: You are required to take your own temperature measurements when your food arrives on site or as soon as is reasonably practicable.


We use the latest technology to cook, store and transport our product with the use of   Gastronome Pans and Thermo Insulated Transport Boxes. These Boxes are made from EPP (expanded polypropylene) which is an excellent insulator.  (Note: When our Thermo Box is packed for delivery it will retain on average 98% of its heat) Our meals are then delivered using our fleet of Vans.


We aim to meet the desired delivery time for all our clients; however, the exact time of delivery depends on your location and which of our rounds you are placed on. Please specify your preferred delivery time when discussing your requirements.

Delivery Log

Our driver will provide you a delivery log on a daily basis which will include all temperatures, allergies and a description of the meal on each day, this provides nurseries with the required documentation in which the care commission seeks on inspections.

Our delivery record also provides a more detailed record of the journey your meals have taken.

An Example of our delivery record:

Main Meal:






Time Plated: 10.00 


Meal Temperature (Cº)

Desert Temperature (Cº)           3°


BW Checked by (Sign)  Brian Houston



Time of Delivery:


Received on delivery  by: YOUR REP


Signature:  YOUR REP


Care should be taken when handling/unwrapping Hot Food Containers

Celery, Milk, Wheat


83°           Milk

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