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Bread Winners Nursery Catering is a private family owned company based in Glasgow. Since 2009, we have been providing healthy, hot, nutritious food that kids love. We take the stress, effort and inconvenience of children’s meal times out of your hands and provide you with a quality Lunch delivery service that is not just convenient, great value for money; but also meets and often exceeds the current nutritional guidelines as suggested in ‘Nutritional guidance and food standards for early years childcare providers in Scotland’ (NHS Health Scotland 2014). Our service allows smaller nurseries without catering facilities the option of providing hot meals. For larger nurseries, it allows management to concentrate on providing childcare and not having to deal with the distraction of operating their own kitchen. ​


We provide healthy, fresh and nutritious hot food delivery service for Nursery children throughout the year( 51 weeks) providing a reliable meal service that parents, staff and children can depend and rely on.


Our 3-weekly menu consists of a main course and an optional desert. All of the daily meals that contain any of the 14 allergens are clearly marked on the sheet that we provide with every meal. 


We have developed menus and provide food which ensures your Children can enjoy:

  • A balanced diet with Lots of variety

  • A selection of fresh fruit and vegetables daily

  • Food rich in calcium and iron

  • Meet all Your Children’s Dietary and Cultural Requirements

  • No added Salt or Sugar

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